A long time ago, God set in my heart the desire to write. Within my heart are many desires of how I’d like to use that for Him… like right here in this blog; on my Instagram account; for ministries who need devotion writers; and maybe even some day a book… I know there are a couple tucked in my heart.
In the mean time, there is no small talent in the Kingdom, so even if it’s just in my own little group, in my “own” little corner of the internet, I’m going to write to tell my story and share His love.
Here are a few of the ways I am currently serving Him with that gift.


Art is when you do work that matters in a creative way, in a way that touches people and changes them for the better.  –Seth Godin

Below is an excerpt from Hope*Writers… I can’t say enough about this Tribe of people and how they poured into me,
and so… I just want to give them some props …
in my little space of the internet.
I believe them when they tell me “I can” write;
that I am “a writer”.

So give me just a minute to honor them.

Following is an excerpt from HopeWriters:

“We believe words can change the world and we think you believe that, too.
But we all know the only way our words can make a difference for people is if people know they exist.
Enter: the weird life of a writer. It’s one thing to write words. It’s another thing to share them.
It can end up feeling there is a giant gap between the words you write and the people you want to read them.
Hope*writers exists to stand in the gap for you, to help you not feel so weird about sharing your words, and offer training, advice, support and encouragement as you find a way to close the gap in your timing and in your own way.”

Thank you Hope*writers!
You have re-inspired a desire set in my heart long ago and I know so many others could learn from you too.




April 19, 2019 I opened an email and an invitation from Joyful Life Magazine. “We would like to invite you to be a devotion writer on our team.”
It was undoing. It was a perfect reminder that God sees me, and I am known.
He put this desire to write in my heart and here He was offering me the gift of aligning with a ministry to share HIM.
Man, friends, I’m still undone. And there is even more; following a short time writing with them, they then invited me to allow them to print some of my articles in their first book, a devotional book called “Everyday Joy”.
WHATTTT even was this? I couldn’t believe the grace and the kind kind ways, God had of telling me… I see you, Daughter. I know you. I love you. You are enough and this gift I’ve given you has My power behind it.
Just Whoa.
And now, there is another book. Volume 2 … and again, the privelege to honor Jesus and serve Him with my words to encourage folks, just like you, is in another “real” book.  Friend. That makes me a published writer. Published.
That’s so kind of God. He knows my desires and when I use them to honor Him, He shows up in realllly coooool ways.

HE is good. And I am blessed. I pray my journey with The Joyful Life Magazine gets to continue beyond these things someday. That is the MORE in my heart right now, the dream I’m no longer afraid to speak, but am so grateful to be allowed to hold. Maybe a blog writer for them; Maybe editing somethings; maybe even staff. I don’t know. But I’m no longer afraid to dream and speak it.
For now, I’m so grateful for my growing relationship with them as Devotion writer and prayer partner. It’s a gift that I treasure to the “immeasurably more” status.



It might not seem like a big deal, but to me, it’s serving.
Every week for the last 5 years, I’ve been invited in to a place of sacredness … sharing a devotion with my women’s group at church every Thursday.
It’s a time of going deep into a devotion and then landing on points that I felt the Lord’s leading in. I get to write and expound on this devotion with the Spirit, to help my people, my tribe, my sisters, develop their faith in truth, anchor more hope, drink from living water, equip, encourage, edify and just share some insights and depths that He reveals to me.
It’s honest, my favorite morning of the week. And, it’s a blessing to serve my people through serving my Lord with the talents He’s given me.
What a joy!


“The 40 Day Sugar Fast” by Wendy Speake.

Ok, ya’ll . Another blow my mind moment.
I bought this book a couple years ago and joined the fasting community on Facebook. I’ll be honest, I “failed”. The first time through was rough. I mean, sugar and I have a love hate relationship. LOL And there was a day I called it an addiction. I could not stay on that fast to save my life that first year. But the next year, the Lord had done some work in me and when the sugar fast rolled around I was completely engaged.
Now hear me. I don’t mean I did it perfectly. I mean, I stayed in the group; I showed up with all my feels; all my victories; all my “fails”; all the ways the Lord was doing a deep work. In other words, I used the gift He gave me of writing and just put it out there in comments.
It was me, staying connected so that I stayed moldable and transparent for Him to do the deep work He needed to in me.
As He does, He also used that writing and communicating to bless others.

Wendy “noticed”. As in Wendy, the author of the book. As in… saw my posts. Just me, showing up honest and sometimes raw, trying to point to lessons I was learning and the relationship I was deepining with Jesus.
Insert “undone” again. He just keeps showing up in ways that wreck me. That show me that He sees me. That I am known. That’s important to me and He knows it. I didn’t get that in many ways in my life and I felt “let down” by it. But here Jesus was, showing up and pointing my way on things that He knew would have a space in my heart.
Wendy invited me to be a devotion writer for the next Sugar fast. I hesitated momentarily even still, because I know this sugar beast is real. I don’t have it bested on all the days I wish I did. But isn’t that what others need? To know that real people are doing this and it’s hard for them too…that’s why they need Jesus.
I hope you check out this book and join us in the next round. Jesus is doing deep work at breaking strongholds and helping us put our eyes on Him to hunger and crave more than food.


And finally…

INSTAGRAM @HomesteaderKay

Seriously. I love that space, and it will be where you find me writing the most, sharing my life, my homestead, my thoughts, my fears, my dreams and so much more.
I hope you follow me there and say HI so I can follow you back! It’s a space where I can be a little light in a big world. IN it, but not OF it.. and I know that even there… Jesus is being seen.

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