The Journey Begins


Welcome everyone! Thanks for joining me!  I’m Homesteader Kay and you have landed in my space.. a smallish corner of the world wide web where I hope you find a safe place to come when you need to hear encouragement, whispers of worth, nudges of courage, prompts of purpose all folded within the love of Jesus.
I’m a homesteader and so I will also bring glimpses from my unfinished, sometimes messy, unfolding story here on this land I get to nurture, grow, glean and sustain.

It’ll be a great place to wander when your own pace of peace is feeling out of control and you’re not sure you’re embracing confidence,
and well dang it… a place you can just take a minute to be understood and loved on before you lose your ever-loving mind!

I pray you find a place here here among the unfinished yet beautiful; between the hard and the lovely; within the messy and the miraculous.

HOPE is alive and Faith is nurtured within these posts and being all you were created to be is spoken OUT LOUD…unashamedly!

What does your heart need to hear?  Friends! WE NEED to speak those things to ourselves on the daily and create a vernacular where our words use the power to build our spirits, nourish our souls and awaken our minds to whose we are who we are created to be!


I promise you…

I will bring “real”.

I’m gonna be a hot mess some days.  Others… I’ll be slaying like David! Pretty sure I’ll get deep sometimes, and other times, I hope I make you pee your pants. LOL
So, stick around #sisterfriend! 
This homesteader “party” is just getting started!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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